Mobile communications are changing our world
An interview with Claudio Beltrametti

Without a mobile phone, Claudio Beltrametti would probably have slept through the birth of his first son. His family of five means everything to him. It’s no wonder then that as the head of the mobile and B2B divisions at telecommunications provider Sunrise, he makes it his personal goal to continuously improve mobile phone technology in Switzerland. Especially with 5G and the Internet of Things, he sees enormous potential for mobile technology in the business segment.

Mr. Beltrametti, is it true you would have slept through your first son’s birth had it not been for your mobile phone?

Our son was in a hurry to come out, and he took my wife and me a bit by surprise. Thanks to our mobile network, my wife was able to wake me up, and I had the chance to hold my little boy that night. That was so important for me. Despite my whole fascination with technology and digitalization, it’s still my family, my wife and three kids, that matters most. Spending time with my loved ones, seeing my kids grow up and trying to instill good values in them is the most important thing for me ever.

Speaking of growing up, do you remember your first mobile phone?

Yes, I do remember, actually – even though from today’s perspective it feels like ancient history. It was a Sony Ericsson T68i. However, the first one that I regularly used was a Nokia 2110. They gave me one during my internship, since we had to be reachable at all times for service and on-call duty. At the time, text messaging was the new form of personal communications and it was really taking off. Oh, and there were the first car phones then, too. My dad had one. It was as big as a suitcase, and it was totally fascinating for us kids, of course. Then everything started to become smaller. The smaller the better! 

Claudio Beltrametti, Head of Mobile

Is that what fascinates you the most about mobile technology?

Exactly, the constant change and progress. Mobile technology doesn’t stand still – it’s always offering something new. Number one, it’s a huge opportunity. It gives us completely new ways to work anytime and anywhere. Being able to hold a video conference on a mountaintop, share information with people all around the world in real time, see each other’s screens, who would have thought that was possible just a few years ago? Of course, we run the risk of totally throwing off our work-life balance, of forgetting that there is actually life after work, that it’s necessary to disconnect every now and then. As a father, that’s very important for me as well.

How then will mobile technology change our world and the way we work in the future? As a mobile communications expert, you must have a vision for the future.

Right now, 5G is offering many new and exciting opportunities for business customers. We also have a few market-ready technologies and capabilities for the Internet of Things (IoT). We’ll certainly be seeing some very exciting things being implemented over the coming years in that area. What that means for our jobs and our lives in the long term, no one can say yet. What is certain is that this interconnectedness will lead to some drastic changes – at work and at home. In any case, I’m excited and looking forward to it, even if everyone might not see it that way.

How is Sunrise driving the mobile future?

As the head of B2B Product and Marketing in our Mobile division, it’s my job to continuously drive advancements in technology. This means not only improving our existing services more and more, but also continuously bringing new services to the market. My team is responsible for both. We have the outstanding mobile phone network in Switzerland. On that basis, we also have the most opportunities to integrate new technologies into our offerings and make them available to our business customers in the best way possible. That pays off in terms of pricing as well. From traditional mobile rates to special offers for the employees of our customers and related roaming services, as well as Mobile as a Service (MaaS) with convenient Enterprise Service Management or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and, of course, M2M and IoT. We’re working hard in all these areas.

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