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An interview with Haskiyel Can

Haskiyel Can, the head of Work Smart technologies at Swiss telecommunications provider Sunrise, appreciates having a mobile location- and device-independent workplace. And it’s all made possible by the smart work culture at Sunrise.

Do you remember your first time on the Internet?

Yes – it was back in the days of 56k modems and you heard that horrible fax tone every time you logged on. ISDN was still in its infancy then. The first site I visited, I think, was, but I can’t remember why.

What fascinates you about smart work?

I think people nowadays want flexibility first and foremost. The workplace of the future is not location-dependent, which results in a different way of working.

Have you ever had an experience where your ability to work from home was particularly helpful?

There have been many, especially having a family with kids – if your kids are sick, for example, or if you have to pick them up early from daycare. Of course, there are also environmental reasons, like not having to commute every day, which I think is great. This type of flexibility has greatly improved my work-life balance.

What apps do you currently use? What does the home screen on your smartphone look like?

I have two smartphones: one for work and one for personal use. Generally speaking I use the same apps on both of them. For personal use it’s mainly Threema, WhatsApp, Xing, LinkedIn, Twint, YouTube, Google Maps and the Chrome browser. For work purposes, I have the entire Microsoft Office suite on both phones, and I mostly use Microsoft Teams, One Drive, Circuit, Webex Teams, Threema Work, Rainbow, Chrome and Gmail.

Haskiyel Can, Head of Work Smart

As a manager for Sunrise, you have an affinity for new technologies. Do you imagine there are people who feel overwhelmed with this new way of working?

I think first and foremost people nowadays want flexibility and mobility in their jobs. At Sunrise, I have the opportunity with my team to develop products and services with that exact goal in mind. Our focus is on helping people. Our Work Smart portfolio will allow companies to offer attractive work models to their staff so they can do a better job combining work, family and free time – like me, for instance. That’s exactly why I’m a little bit proud that I have an opportunity to help increase flexibility in the workplace here in Switzerland.

What is your vision for the future of Work Smart? Where are we headed?

I believe that the way we work together and the related infrastructure must develop faster over the coming years in every company. Digitalization through new applications as well as agilization and cultural development in the workplace will accelerate these changes. Not only will we be implementing and experiencing these changes internally, we’ll also be guiding our customers along the same path.

What specifically is Sunrise doing right now in this respect?

At the moment we’re busy developing a product ecosystem around the mobile workplace. The workplace of the future is without a doubt 100% mobile, not location-dependent or device-dependent, and with the right level of connectivity at all times. Sunrise is therefore ideal for Work-Smart solutions. We have an outstanding network in Switzerland.

Do you see a demand for Work Smart technologies in every company in Switzerland?

Digitalization, new applications and options, as well as globalization and the changing corporate culture here in Switzerland, are bringing very many new challenges. These are also important drivers for Work Smart approaches. Therefore, over the next few years every company will have to build an infrastructure that allows for mobile working. We at Sunrise look forward to accompanying our customers on this exciting journey.

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