Ahead Intranet
Cloud Intranet that connects everyone.

What is ahead?

“The only thing that is constant is change”. While this may be the case, change is still something many companies dread. How do we get our employees on board? What milestones do we need to be mindful of?
ahead is an “Intranet as a Service” that encourages and enables employees of all stripes to orient themselves towards the vision, mission, and goals of their company. Leaders gain relevant insights that allow them to identify influencing factors and take the right actions in order to shape company culture.

Use ahead as the central portal for your employees. With ahead, you can increase employee engagement, productivity, and alignment on far-reaching company goals.


In order to support you during the coronavirus, ahead is offering new customers the intranet solution free of charge for 3 months. Find out more and contact one of our Work Smart experts on 058 777 05 77.

What features does ahead offer?

    • ahead makes it easy for all employees to access important information by enabling employees to be reached from anywhere and at any time.
    • – Easy to use and fastest possible performance
    • – Software-as-a-Service Intranet without the need for expensive IT projects. Development, service, and support are included.
    • – Access to all devices (100% responsive)
  • ahead integrates Microsoft Office 365 apps, making it easier to search for the most important documents and information. With the information hub, everything that is important can be found in one location.

    – Microsoft Office 365 integration
    – No data silos and no need to carry out searches in several applications
    – One search field that covers everything

  • With ahead, you are able to reach your employees in real time, meaning you can communicate across all hierarchical levels.

    – Easy management of non-desk employees
    – Reach individual target groups
    – Quick and easy onboarding of new employees

  • Having an open and innovative business culture has never been as important as it is right now, in this age of digital transformation.

    – The “stories” feature helps to bring your company’s values to life
    – A timeline displays activities relating to your company’s vision
    – Find the champions in your company

The advantages of ahead at a glance

  • Simple, central, and modern internal communication

  • Large number of interfaces and connectors (1,500+) that allow external sources, such as ERPs, CRMs, social media, etc. to be connected quickly and easily

  • Hosting via Microsoft Azure in compliance with various data protection standards (e.g., GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, etc.)

  • Microsoft Office 365 integration

  • Strengthening the sense of community across the company through social features

  • Available from any location and on any device

  • No installations, patches, or maintenance

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