Custom ICT solutions
Your own infrastructure for communication and collaboration

Work Smart with your own IT infrastructure

Anyone who wants to make it on today's market needs flexible corporate structures. You can give your employees the tools they need all in one place with your own custom ICT solution. Various applications for collaborative work make it possible for them to call, e-mail, chat, or conference call with each other around the world. Using audio or video, from smartphones, via landline networks or PCs, with apps and technologies that fit your needs perfectly and are embedded in your company's existing IT systems.

We install our custom ICT solutions on site at your company. Data storage and access remain completely on servers at your company. We would be happy to implement the Information Communication Technology (ICT) concepts you have already developed exactly as you want or develop a solution that can modularly adapt to your existing hardware and software infrastructure.

Whether you want IP calling, file sharing, chatting, video conferences, or a contact center - our custom ICT solutions have no restrictions for third-party interfaces, which means you can seamlessly integrate your existing business applications. Because we know that custom ICT infrastructures often need to unite completely different systems and technologies.

Sunrise essentially follows two principles when implementing collaborative ICT solutions: With your own hardware on site or as a service in the cloud. Depending on your requirements, we can also combine the best of both worlds in a custom solution.

Sunrise Work Smart Portfolio:
Custom ICT solution

At a glance
  • On-premise solution based on your existing IT ecosystem

  • Customized for customers to the greatest possible extent

  • No restrictions for third-party interfaces for business applications

  • Data storage and access remain completely at the company

Suitable if you
  • Want to bear all the costs and risks for the investment

  • Have internal technical expertise

  • Anticipate your requirements will change little

Globally leading technologies

In the field of unified communications and collaboration, we have the highest-level certifications from leading manufacturers like Microsoft, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and Cisco, which means we can access a broad base of expertise to implement customer-specific integration. We'll make it a perfect fit for the IT ecosystem that has taken shape at your company over the years. We give you a secure and cost-efficient ICT solution on site, whether you need software or hardware.

Our service for secure and smooth operations

Even companies that have constructed their own ICT infrastructure can benefit from Sunrise's comprehensive expertise. We would be happy to monitor, manage, and optimize all the systems you have implemented. This allows entrepreneurs to be certain that their technical resources are always up to date and meet their needs perfectly. They do not need to give up control of their data or completely relinquish their capacity to make important decisions.

Sunrise expertise at a glance
  • Exemplary standards for unified communication and communication, customer interaction, and mobility

  • Specialist competence in the field of infrastructure for communication software, voice, data, and video

  • Integration via standardized interfaces in customer business applications

  • Change management expertise to introduce your employees to collaborative communication

  • Balance between quality of service, security, and performance

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