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Swiss landline number with Microsoft Teams

Work Smart Voice calling

Work Smart Voice offers the greatest flexibility in rates and mobile working for companies of all sizes. With Work Smart Voice, you determine the number of required flat rates for your employees. The landline number of your company is integrated into Microsoft Teams through a Managed SIP Trunk, for example (Business voice direct cloud connect). You can flexibly adjust the flat rates and adapt them to the needs of your employees on a monthly basis through the Sunrise Business Portal (SBP). Moreover, you have an unlimited number of voice channels – there’s no need to worry about the number of channels you need today, tomorrow, or in two years. The connection with Microsoft Office 365 allows you to give your employees a mobile workspace – a business landline number is included.

What are the benefits of Smart Work Voice?

  • Flexible rate adjustments on a monthly basis

  • Suitable for companies of all sizes

  • Unlimited number of voice channels

  • Mobile working

  • Attractive flat-rate conditions

  • Easy rate adjustments through the Sunrise Business Portal (SBP)

  • Keep an overview of the used rates at all times

  • Hassle-free TCO calculation

  • Compatibility with common cloud subscription models

  • Scalable as needed

  • Compatible with Sunrise Business Mobile subscriptions

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