Safe from cyber attacks
Protect your company from hacker attacks

Sunrise Security Services ensure your Internet business model is always available

Is your business partly or entirely Internet-based? Or do you back up important data on internal or external servers? Sunrise offers you an effective, easy-to-use and affordable shield that protects your business from all kinds of cyber attacks.

Ready for any emergency

Attackers mostly target important services and servers. The intention is to disable these and block employee and customer access to them. The attacks are aimed at eliminating competition along with the extortion of protection money. Such attacks by criminal organizations are on the rise worldwide and, in the past, numerous companies have suffered revenue losses and damage to their reputations as a consequence.

Many organizations are protected by Sunrise

Many companies and organizations from diverse sectors are already using Sunrise Security Services.

  • Swiss banks and international universal and private banks

  • Logistics companies

  • E-Commerce

  • Transport logistics companies

  • IT and communication companies

  • Government agencies

  • International organizations

  • And many other companies and organizations