Professional Services
Consulting and services

Clarity, insight and collaborative expertise

From the requirements and design of your project to its implementation, Sunrise Integration Services’ advice and consultancy services give clarity, insight and collaborative expertise

Sunrise Integration Services’ Professional Services support our customers with the best advice for designing and creating their ICT infrastructure. A thorough examination of their business and its strategy is developed into a unique combination of infrastructure and applications which offers the greatest opportunity for growth and success.

Technical Audits

ICT applications and solutions need to be based on a solid network foundation. When a customer wants to keep their existing infrastructure but install new users or applications, a Sunrise Integration Services technical audit reveals the right approach by also assessing business and financial issues to offer a truly independent view of the network.

Following a detailed process and proven methodology, the audit evaluates the Quality of Service (QoS) of the existing network to ensure it is adequately scaled to accept new applications such as VoIP. Sunrise Integration Services consultants then build different solution scenarios, leaving the final choice to the customer. After implementation, a final QoS measurement ensures the new applications are meeting the specified requirements.¨


Having considered the customer's requirements and needs, Sunrise Integration Services pre-sales engineers devise a customised solution to create the optimum communication infrastructure to meet short, mid and long term requirements. With an installed base of several hundreds of customers, Sunrise Integration Services is uniquely positioned to design best-in-class ICT solutions. Solutions are designed both to both meet the customers’ existing IT business requirements and assure their continuous improvements in quality of service.

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