Dreier AG
Unification of mobile subscriptions of all employees and convincing coverage of the Sunrise mobile network

"As a logistics company, we rely heavily on our ability to reach our drivers anywhere and communicate inexpensively;
the excellent network coverage offered by Sunrise and the unified flatrate mobile subscription made all of this possible."

Hans-Peter Dreier, CEO – Dreier AG

  • As a transport and logistics company, Dreier AG also relies on the latest solutions for telecom services. But poor customer service and confusing rates left the innovative company frustrated in terms of their expectations. What they really needed was a unified subscription solution for all of their employees, who sometimes also work across the border. It had to be something that would reduce administrative hassles and also be easy to use – for the drivers and for the back office – and that would provide more transparency regarding the rates. At the same time, it was important to guarantee good network coverage – while maintaining the same level of quality and unified operation. This is especially important for a company whose employees are scattered all across Switzerland on a daily basis.

Unification of the mobile subscriptions 
The 320 drivers, who are on the road in Switzerland on a daily basis and also travel abroad quite often, were all provided with unified mobile subscriptions from Sunrise. The goal was to eliminate the need for drivers to take the usual complicated steps to activate any necessary roaming options as soon as they start a trip abroad. This is made possible by Sunrise subscriptions with a Swiss nationwide flat rate combined with pools for communications across borders without high additional costs. So drivers no longer have to give their current location a second thought – they can communicate everywhere with the same subscription; with for example the company headquarters of Dreier AG, one of the new locations, or with the customers whose products they are transporting. One attractive side effect of having subscriptions with a flat rate combined with the pools is increased cost transparency. This way the company can better estimate its expenses for the total mobile communication.

Maximum flexibility
Business mobile evolution from Sunrise is a mobile product made especially for companies, which can be precisely adapted to the specific needs of a firm. The rate plan features maximum flexibility while minimizing the administrative burden. For instance, a certain number of services can be included in the subscription as a pool at the company level. Dreier AG benefits from dynamic packs which are put together based on individual needs and can be easily adapted as customers’ needs change. This allows the logistics company to enjoy optimal flexibility together with a dramatic easing of the administrative burden, while still benefiting from a customized product.

Network coverage and porting
For a company like Dreier AG in particular, which has over 320 drivers spread across Switzerland and also traveling abroad, mobile access and high availability are massively important for smooth business operation. They therefore did not leave anything to chance in that regard. Dreier AG was provided with several test devices to check Sunrise network coverage in advance. A total of two test phases were completed – and during both Sunrise met the requirements set by Dreier AG. Reception is perfect and is assured nationwide in Switzerland, porting of the existing SIM cards to mobile numbers to Sunrise went smoothly. There was never any interruption to normal business.

Customer benefits
  • Unification of mobile calling services with mobile subscriptions at a flat rate for communication within Switzerland

  • More cost transparency due to easily adaptable combination and adjustable pool size depending on current volumes

  • Simplified problem-solving made possible by a dedicated contact partner at Sunrise

  • Around-the-clock availability thanks to 24/7 Sunrise technical support

  • Very good network coverage with the best quality