Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Ltd. (MLL)
Always to be reached via landline and mobile phone

«As a well-known Swiss corporate law firm with national and international clients, we need to be reliably available around the clock. The Sunrise mobile subscriptions are an added plus, with their attractive and standardized flat rates
 and extensive coverage, even abroad.»

Kurt Gibel, Office Manager MLL


  • When planning the move of its Zurich office to Schiffbaustrasse 2 in the bustling district 5 of Zurich, MLL issued a new tender for the telecom solutions it needed. As a well-known law firm offering corporate, innovative and solution-oriented services with the highest quality requirements to Swiss and international companies, institutions and private customers, MLL was searching for a reliable partner to support the firm with landline and mobile phone services. MLL evaluated the service providers based on their guarantees for reliable solutions and continuous reachability. Even during the tender and concept phases, providers’ problem solving expertise and response times were critical factors for MLL.

Rapid, easy and realiable support

Discretion, security and reachability are critical factors for a law firm. The same is true for telecom services. MLL is one of the leading corporate law firms in Switzerland. It is essential for them to have a partner for landline and mobile phone services at their side who can support them any time, in any way, rapidly, easily and reliably.

Continuous availability

The landline network was designed with redundancies, with two lines for the same service to ensure reachability in case of an outage. In terms of mobile subscriptions for employees, Sunrise offers MLL attractive, unlimited flat rates in Switzerland supplemented by competitive roaming rates for international travel. Cost-effective flat rate subscriptions for abroad are available for frequent travelers.

Customer benefits
  • Standardization of mobile phone services with mobile subscriptions at flat rates that can be used domestically or internationally as needed

  • Continuous availability – a redundant landline network ensures continuous availability in case of an outage

  • Attractive roaming rates for employees who are frequent international travelers

  • Around-the-clock support thanks to 24/7 Sunrise technical support

  • Individualized and accommodating consultations and responses or problem resolution within very short periods of time

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