Flughafen Zürich AG

"Due to its key role in Swiss and European aviation, Zurich Airport needs top-notch, reliable and modern information and
communication technologies and the highest possible availability. Sunrise gives us outstanding support in this."

Konrad Zöschg, CIO Flughafen Zürich AG


Since 1999, Flughafen Zürich AG has been forging the future together with Sunrise,
benefiting from advanced communications solutions in a very complex environment.

  • As a world-class airport, Zurich Airport frequently receives international awards. To stay a step ahead of the competition and meet future challenges, continuous expansion is absolutely essential. That is why the airport operator needs a competent and flexible telecommunication services provider that can offer a portfolio of products and services that directly benefit Flughafen Zürich AG, and in combination with the airport’s own services, also directly benefit the airport’s customers, tenants and nearby businesses. Reachability, integration with public networks and the guarantee of service availability are key factors in this regard. Furthermore, the telecommunication infrastructure must be continuously updated to the latest technologies.

Advanced infrastructure and system integration
Sunrise is the principal provider for Flughafen Zürich AG and has set up the entire mobile infrastructure. Mobile phone services, as well as landline access for voice and data services, are continuously optimized and adapted to actual conditions. This is true not only in the public area for passengers and retail and hospitality customers and visitors, but also in the private area for authorized airport employees. Sunrise also assists with system integration.

Site connectivity
Sunrise also handles site connectivity. Sunrise provides broadband Internet trunks at Zurich Airport with a guaranteed data transfer rate of 5 GB/s. With this infrastructure, Flughafen Zürich AG can offer its customers and tenants a local connectivity that lets them connect to their branches in other locations, such as the airports in Basel or Geneva.

Availability and reliability
Along with seamless coverage, absolute availability of the landline and Internet networks is essential at Flughafen Zürich AG. Employees must be accessible everywhere, even below ground. This also applies in the event of a system outage. To ensure continued Internet, landline and mobile network operation despite a system outage, all lines are incorporated in a high redundancy network. The airport police, security & rescue and emergency services also use the Sunrise infrastructure to supplement their primary communications resources, such as trunked radio and Polycom, and for external communications. 

SMS services and 0800 numbers
All SMS services are provided by SMS Link from Sunrise, for everything from WLAN access authentication for passengers and visitors to information about empty parking places for employees on the site, and more. Sunrise also set up the 0800 numbers – in case of an incident with an aircraft or at Zurich Airport an emergency number will be activated immediately.

Customer benefits
  • Communications services for the entire airport facility from a single source, around the clock, seven days a week

  • Continuous upgrades of communications solutions to the latest state of the art

  • Continuous innovation and enhancement of products and services

  • Highest possible availability and seamless coverage, even in basement areas: airport employees are always accessible through the Sunrise network

  • Reliable access at all times through high network redundancy

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