WAN service for the
Swiss Post AG
Sunrise delivers IP VPN service with end-to-end management for 2800 sites across Switzerland

Sunrise networks the sites of the Swiss Post

After successfully providing calling services and M2M communications for the Swiss Post AG for many years, Sunrise has now been awarded the contract to network the sites of the Swiss Post. At the center of the contract is an IP VPN service with end-to-end management for over 2,800 sites across Switzerland, providing bandwidths of 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. 

Project scope

IP VPN functionality on demand

The project will be based on the proven IP VPN services provided by Sunrise. The individual site categories include various specific functionalities, such as:

  • Multi VPN

  • Quality of Service (priority-specific data packages)

  • Network Management Access

  • Multicasting

  • Encryption

  • IPv6

Optimal management of the end user experience

Various tools will also be implemented and made available by Sunrise Business Services in order to make the daily working life of the administrators and users as easy as possible.

  • Self service tool, orders, changes, billing

  • Monitoring and threshold value functions for alerts

  • Reporting for usage, SLA and KPIs, ticketing

  • Transitions and implementation management

  • Process handbooks

  • Service- and assurance management

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