Technik Partner AG
Modern, location-independent working is now a reality for Technik Partner AG employees thanks to the Sunrise Unlimited Mobile Workplace.

"Initially we were dreading the switch to an entirely new telephone system. Yet as an innovative company, we also wanted to take the next step into a digital future. We were delighted that Sunrise not only managed to dispel all our doubts, but did so at the first meeting. Sunrise proved to be wonderfully flexible and we never felt like we were partnering with a large company."

Managing Director of Technik Partner AG

Mevludin Hodza


Technik Partner, which is based in Zurich Altstetten, has been providing its corporate clients with innovative conference room solutions, servicing and maintenance work for electrical installations and systems, as well as tailored software solutions for almost a decade. The company’s particular area of expertise, however, lies in fiber to the home (FTTH), which companies can use to transmit data at ultra-fast speeds. Sunrise, with its combination of Mobile, Connectivity, and Work Smart services – branded as the Unlimited Mobile Workspace – is now enabling the employees of Technik Partner to collaborate on complex projects in a simple, modern, and productive way.


Increasingly complex requirements call for solutions that are even more forward-looking. The customers of Technik Partner want to stay on the cutting edge at all
times. To enable it to react even more quickly and more flexibly to its various demands, Technik Partner was therefore looking for a new provider with a flexible mobile
workplace that is both reliable and secure and also works everywhere and across all devices.

When evaluating the right solution, the main focus was on users’ needs. Technik Partner has around 100 employees – including specialists in the field, back-office staff at the company’s headquarters and its own in-house IT department – and they all have to be able to respond to customer inquiries from anywhere and as quickly as possible. What Technik Partner needed were mobile subscriptions, landline services, and workplace applications – all from a single source, if possible.


Greater mobility and fewer tools at the workplace were pivotal to this new solution. To this end, Sunrise organized a workshop at the customer’s premises. Sunrise Work
Smart specialists sat together with Technik Partner to analyze the current communication and collaboration infrastructure. It became apparent that the customer provided
its employees with an excessively large number of different solutions, many of which were not truly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure.

After the comprehensive analysis, Technik Partner chose the Unlimited Mobile Workplace by Sunrise. The approximately 100 employees received mobile subscriptions
with excellent Sunrise coverage.
Technik Partner also opted for Microsoft Office 365 with Teams and Sunrise Business voice direct cloud connect, which can be connected to the public telephone network. This Work Smart service now enables employees to work from anywhere and across all devices, as well as receive calls to landline numbers via mobile.

The new Sunrise solutions make it easier for employees to work together and thus increase productivity – with less effort. The services are always state of the art in terms of
technology and development and are extremely easy for companies’ IT officers to manage through the Sunrise Business Portal. The fixed costs are always predictable and charges are based on actual use.

Customer benefits
  • Communication services from a single source; 24 hours a day, seven days a week

  • Modern, flexible, and secure working – at any time, from anywhere, and with any device. Also for companies without their own IT infrastructure

  • A personal point of contact to answer questions as well as immediate troubleshooting and assistance with issues of any nature – whether for start-ups, SMEs, or large corporations

  • Cost savings thanks to the use of cloud-based solutions

  • Secure, modern, and simple self-service platform

  • Hassle-free availability, maximum uptime, as well as disruption-free reception anywhere thanks to the Sunrise mobile network, which has received multiple awards

And what can we do for you? However large or small your company is, you have a competent partner in Sunrise, where you can always find the right products and services for your needs. We’d like to invite you to schedule a personal meeting with us so that we can learn more about your needs and provide you with a customized offer. We look forward to hearing from you.