What does the billed item "Ships and Airplanes" on my invoice mean?

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The item "Ships and Airplanes" is for connections made via satellite, on airplanes and cruise ships, for example. Satellite connections are not included in any of the subscriptions or options, but are subject to special, more expensive rates. Rate information for "Sea & Air" connections can be found here.

Attention: The display may show the name of a normal mobile phone service provider (e.g. Vodafone Malta), even when calls are being made via satellite.
We recommend that you get information on the availability of mobile networks and WiFi on your cruise ship or plane before you travel.

Note: Sea & Air connection are blocked by default to avoid high roaming costs. You can unblock Sea & Air connections in the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit in the tab “Settings” below the “Roaming Settings” section.

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