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  • Configure MMS and Internet automatically on your mobile phone with the Sunrise mobile phone configurator:

    Attention: Apple iPhones do not support automatic configuration. iPhones sold in Switzerland self-configure based on the inserted SIM card. Neither MMS nor Internet settings can be changed manually.

  • Block your SIM card in My Sunrise immediately in case of loss or theft.

    If the device is protected by a Sunrise protect insurance policy, report the claim directly to the insurance company.

    Important: If your phone is stolen, have the police report available and first block your SIM card in My Sunrise .

    Tip: If you need a new SIM card, you can order one in My Sunrise or get one in a Sunrise shop .

  • If you purchased your device at a Sunrise center or in the Sunrise online shop
    You have the following options:

    • Take your defective device to a Sunrise shop.
    • Fill out this return form completely, sign it and sent it together with the defective device to the following address:

      Sunrise Communications AG
      c/o ALSO Schweiz AG Services & Logistics
      Meierhofstrasse 3
      6032 Emmen

    If you did not purchase your device from Sunrise (through Mobilezone, Mediamarkt, etc.)
    Please contact that dealer directly.

    Important: If you have taken out a Sunrise protect insurance policy, do not send the device to Sunrise. Report the damage directly to the insurance company using the online claim report or call +41 43 210 27 45.

    Repair time

    • Repairs take an average of two weeks.
    • If your device is protected by a Sunrise protect insurance policy, repairs will take an average of 2-3 days.
    • The repair time may be longer if replacement parts are not available.

    Replacement device
    You can visit your nearest Sunrise shop to obtain a replacement.

    • Sunrise prepaid mobile phones have a SIM lock for 2 years from purchase. This means that the mobile phone can only be used for those 2 years with a Sunrise SIM card.
    • After the 2 years have passed, you can go to a Sunrise shop or call Sunrise customer service at 0800 707 707 to remove the SIM lock from the device.

Other topics

  • Trade in
    You can trade in your iPhone in any Sunrise shop.

    Tip: All information about the requirements, conditions and the procedure for upgrading your Sunrise smartphone can be found in the factsheet .

    Term and cancellation
    You can simply allow the option to expire by paying off your iPhone over the 24-month period or earlier. You do not have any risk because the option is free and the trade-in is voluntary.

    Loss or theft
    If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can either buy a new iPhone and trade it in, or let the option expire by paying off the iPhone over the 24-month period.

  • Start of insurance protection

    • Insurance protection goes into effect upon the conclusion of the insurance contract (date of the contract/sales receipt).
    • When a number is ported, the insurance protection begins when the phone number is actually changed.
    • If the insurance is not taken out with the mobile phone subscription, there is no coverage during the 14-day grace period.

    Insure your mobile phone after purchase

    • You can insure a used mobile phone that is still as good as new in any Sunrise shop.
    • The device will be checked for quality in the Sunrise shop. Please bring the sales receipt with you.
    • The device may not be more than twelve months old and must have been purchased in Switzerland.

    Report a claim
    Report the claim directly to the insurance company online or call +41 43 210 27 45.

    Term and cancellation
    The mobile phone insurance policy has a minimum three-month term and then will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. Once the minimum term has expired, you can cancel it in My Sunrise at any time effective at end of the following month.

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