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What are botnets?

The term "bot" comes from the word "robot" and describes a computer program that generally carries out repetitive tasks independently without depending on any user interaction. A botnet is an entire group of automated computer programs.

Criminals manipulate the computers of others, link them, and use them for their own purposes. These zombie PCs are used as a distribution center for spam, for example. Other botnets serve as a storage area for criminal schemes, assist in obtaining sensitive user data, or are used for DoS attacks (overloading of servers with queries).

Who is affected?

It can happen to anyone. There are known cases involving private individuals, companies of every size, and Government agencies.

How does my computer become part of a botnet?

Botnets are often set up using Trojans and viruses. They are mostly passed on via infected e-mail messages. Also, when you download games and other programs from dubious sources, a virus or Trojan may be transmitted.

How can I protect myself?

You can protect yourself against attacks by regularly updating your operating system and all installed programs, optimally through their built-in automatic update features. Use an anti-virus software program and firewall and make sure it is running every time you go on the Internet. There are constantly new viruses and Trojans in circulation. We therefore recommend you update your definition files on a regular basis. If possible, do this on a daily basis or after receiving an automatic notification from the manufacturer of your anti-virus software.

With surf protect, Sunrise also offers a security option that will check websites a customer visited while surfing the Internet directly in the Sunrise network for threats, and prevent their spread. Surf protect is easy to use, always up-to-date, and doesn't require any software installation.

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