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Tips for a smooth move:

You can record your move conveniently and easily directly in My Sunrise.

Please be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Your desired relocation date: At least 14 days in advance if you have a landline or Internet connection
  • The previous tenant's number or the OTO-ID of your new residence (with fiber optic connection)
  • Your new address
  • A mobile phone number where we can reach you with any additional information or discuss exact appointment times

You can find additional information for a hassle-free move on our moving page.

Good to know:

  • Depending on your product, administrative fees for your relocation will total a maximum of CHF 43.00.
  • You also need an electrician, whose services are subject to charge, if you cannot provide us with the predecessor's number or if you give us a predecessor's number that has been inactive for a long time or is from UPC.
  • If you have a fiber optic connection at your new residential address, you will not incur any costs for an electrician.

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