What type of data does the Sunrise Network App collect?

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The app does not gather any personal data, but only so-called pseudonymous data. This is information that cannot be traced back to the user's identity such as the data transmission speed measured at each individual location. Also, we do not collect content-related information, such as news or passwords.

In addition to the results obtained from the active tests (speed and connection tests, both of which are actively triggered by the user), the app collects, among other data, localization and usage data as well as technical (system) parameters. Some technical parameters (for example, mobile network information) are collected on a regular basis.

Results obtained from active measurements (in “speed test” or “connection test” mode, triggered by the user):

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Round-trip time (ping)
  • Internet uptime/success rate
  • Download duration
  • User ID (pseudonymous random number)
  • Mobile network information (cell ID, signal strength)
  • Information on the end user hardware, such as model or operating system
  • Localization information, such as latitude and longitude
  • Time information, such as measurement timestamps

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