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Using fiber optics with Sunrise
Surf on fiber optics at speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s with the same upload/download speed. The Sunrise fiber optic cable network is growing continuously. Thanks to our local partners, it now covers most of Switzerland.

Check the availability of fiber optics in your town
Here's how to check whether fiber optics is already available where you live:

  1. In the Sunrise Home configurator, put together your package of choice consisting of Internet, landline and TV. For fiber optics, please select the Internet subscription "internet giga."
  2. Click on "Order," check the configuration on the following page, and select all the options based on your needs.
  3. Click on "Next," and, on the following page, perform the availability check.

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  • Save about CHF 400.00 per year in utility costs

    If you access the Internet, landline network and digital TV through Sunrise, you do not need a cable connection and can cancel it.

    If you are a tenant
    Ask your landlord to cancel your cable connection by using this cancellation letter.

    If you are an owner
    Send this cancellation letter directly to your cable provider.

    Detailed information about canceling your cable connection is available on our info page.

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