Monthly price (CHF) 5.02

Monthly price (CHF) 5.02 Select

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  • Sunrise Office and Sunrise Office pro basic voice.

    Active on the day of activation.

  • Surfing and calling via the Sunrise mobile network in case of a landline outage.

    Up to 4G high-speed.

    If there is an interruption of the landline, the USB dongle will automatically be activated to ensure you remain online (internet and phone service).

  • On the activation date, please connect your Sunrise Internet Box to the DSL/telephone outlet or the fiber optic box and plug in the LTE dongle.

    The USB LTE dongle is pre-configured and ready to use on the day of activation.

    The Sunrise Internet Box will automatically start providing all the services on your order via the fixed connection.

  • Monthly fee on Sunrise invoice.
  • To ensure the best possible performance, please place your Sunrise Internet Box with the inserted LTE USB dongle in an area that has the best 4G reception (e.g. near a window).
  • To ensure that you can use all Sunrise Office services, please only use the USB LTE dongle in combination with the Sunrise Internet Box. Mobile calling, SMS, and roaming are not possible. The Internet connection will be blocked if you use the SIM card with a different device.

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