The newest films & series, live sports and best entertainment for the family – all in HD

  • Enjoy the best films from all over the world up to 15 months before their free TV premieres with the basic package Movie HD – Everything without commercial breaks and in HD
  • You can also experience live sports, documentaries, series, classic films and the best family entertainment – with the add-on packages Sport HD, Family HD and Entertain HD

Teleclub is only available via Sunrise TV in German-speaking Switzerland.

Superpackage HD

Sign up for the basic package incl. the three add-on packages and profit from the superpackage price of CHF 74.90 instead of CHF 80.20

The Teleclub packages

The newest films, documentaries and series, live sports and family entertainment

Basic package Movie HD

  • Teleclub transforms your living room into a movie theater. Enjoy the best films from around the world up to 15 months before their free TV premiere. All this without commercial breaks

Add-on package Sport HD

  • The best sports TV in Switzerland with about 5,000 live transmissions, of which 4,000 are exclusive

Add-on package Entertain HD

  • The most popular Hollywood series, exciting thrillers, the best sitcoms, star-studded action movies and science fiction highlight

Add-on package Family HD

  • The best family entertainment with fascinating documentaries and animation masterpieces on exclusive channels

Teleclub sports offers and channel list

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