General navigation

Using navigation

Always start with your home screen. From there you can access all important features. If you scroll from top to bottom, you will see the following:


At the top of the screen, besides access to the menu, you will also see «Push2TV» (only available with WiFi connection to the home network) and access to «Search».

Live TV

The first few channels are displayed instantaneously. In addition, there is a quick link to the TV guide. By pulling down the symbol with the three lines, you can expand the channel view.


Sunrise Smart TV recommends programs to you that match your viewing history. If you scroll to the right, you will see additional recommendations.

ComeBack TV Agent

This new feature helps you find what you really want to watch by asking you two simple questions.


All programs that are newly available in ComeBack TV are listed here. Go to “Show all” to get a full overview by genre.

Last chance

This is where you will find programs that will soon no longer be available in ComeBack TV. Watch those programs in the near future or save them to your recordings.


To get a good overview, scroll through your recordings or click on “Show all.”