Recording Live TV

To record a program, simply press the small red button below the video display. Live TV starts with the recording that can then be found in your recordings after the end of the program.

Recordings from TV guide

If the program is to be broadcast at a future date, you can program it to be recorded, and the recording will then start once the program is broadcast on live TV.

Recording ComeBack TV

ComeBack TV programs can be recorded as well and are stored in your recordings.

Recording abroad

You can also program and watch your recordings abroad if you have a WiFi connection.

Playing recordings

To access your recordings, scroll down to the relevant button on your home screen or use your menu.

Managing recordings

In the upper section you can choose from your “latest” recordings, your programmed future recordings and your archived recordings.

Storing recordings

The available recording storage capacity is displayed underneath. If you do not have sufficient storage capacity available, we recommend that you clean out your recordings and remove titles that you no longer need.

Archiving recordings

Please note that normal recordings are automatically deleted after six months. If you would like to keep your recordings longer, you can archive them in your Sunrise Smart TV box. You can archive up to 50 titles.

Pre-November 2015 recordings

Your old recordings in the Sunrise TV box are not in the Cloud and can therefore only be accessed on your Sunrise TV box.