Monthly price (CHF) 25.-

Monthly price (CHF) 25.- Select

Rate details

  • Included

    ComeBack TV Agent

  • Included

    60 hours of recording

  • TV channels

    200+ channels, 90+ in HD, 1 in UHD

  • Included

    Program tips

  • Included

    Video on Demand

  • Included

    30 hours ComeBack TV

  • Included

    Live Pause

  • Included

    Smart TV App

More information

  • Included (on loan, at no cost)
    Connections: HDMI, ethernet, power
  • You must have a Sunrise Home Internet subscription (starting at CHF 45.00/month) in order to purchase this service.
  • 12 months.
  • The contract may be terminated with a notice period of 2 months after the end of the minimum contract duration.
    Once the minimum contract duration has elapsed, the contract may be terminated at any time with a notice period of 2 months.

    Cancellation of the Sunrise Office TV subscription will automatically cause all options connected with this service to be cancelled as well. When this occurs, the minimum durations for certain options (e.g. Teleclub one year minimum duration) must also be taken into account. Cancellation of a TV subscription does not affect the Internet subscription or any Sunrise Home phone subscription you may have.

  • You can switch to another Sunrise Office TV subscription any time free of charge.

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