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Good reasons to switch to Sunrise Office

I want more value for money

Sunrise Office is the best value for money – compare by yourself! And when you join us as an existing Sunrise mobile customer, you profit from 15% additional discount on your service base fees. The more you have, the more you save.

I want better customer service

According to the connect test (12/2015), Sunrise has the best customer hotline care of all Swiss mobile network operators. We work hard to provide our customer the best service and improve our standards of our team of experts in Sunrise shops and hotline.

I want a product in a reliable network

When you go online with Sunrise, you're surfing with fiber optics. Get speeds up to 1 Gbit/s and symmetrical upload/download speed. Watch HD quality digital TV at the same time on several hardware devices. Always reliable and never any delays. The fiber optics network from Sunrise is growing continuously. Together with local partners, it now covers most of Switzerland.

I do not want to pay a cable connection anymore

Save about CHF 400.00 in utilities a year by getting rid of your cable connection. Cancel the cable connection at your address to avoid unnecessary utility costs. Since your products use the landline connection with Sunrise Office, you no longer need the cable connection.

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