Connection Provision

Let our specialist take care of your home connection

Our electrician ensures that your connection works all the way to the outlet in your office. You will install the devices yourself.

This installation service package can be selected Sunrise Home ordering process, if the connection requires the provision by an electrician. If you have questions about ordering, please call 0800 707 707.

The services included in this installation service package for just CHF 119.00 are:

Not included in the scope of services:

  • Installation and connection of Internet, landline network and TV
  • Installation and laying of wiring of any kind
  • Installation and assembly of TV screens and home cinemas
  • Hardware accessories (such as ethernet cable and powerline connection kit)
  • Connection to the computer
  • Connection of a maximum of two phone/fax hardware
  • Introduction to Sunrise Home products

Full service: Sunrise Office installation

We would also be pleased to provide full service, setting up everything you need to reliably call, surf and watch TV in your small business.

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