Cancel your cable connection

Cancel your cable connection

Simply get rid of your expensive cable connection

Don't pay for something you don't need

Your cable connection is supplied by your cable provider and it costs you about CHF 400.– a year. With upc Cablecom, for example, you pay CHF 36.90/month. And that’s on top of the fee you pay for the actual product! Most of the time, customers are not billed for their cable connection fee directly by their cable provider; instead, the fee is either included in the landlord’s utility bill or the all-inclusive rent payment.

This means that often even non-customers are billed – although they don’t receive any service via the connection.

Get your Internet, landline and digital TV via your Sunrise landline connection

Save about CHF 400.– per year in utilities

Get your Internet, landline and digital TV via your Sunrise landline connection and get rid of your cable connection:

Your consumer rights

Cancellation, rent reduction, connection sealing

According to the Swiss Telecommunications Act

“User fees may not be charged if (...) the connection was canceled; the telecommunications provider or, if applicable, the landlord allows for an appropriate notice period” Article 35a. Learn more

According to the Renter’s Association

If the landlord has canceled the subscription and thus no longer pays a basic fee to the carrier, it is considered a contract modification that they shall inform the tenant of by way of an official form. Once the notice period is over, the rent shall be reduced by the corresponding amount. Learn more (only available in German)  

According to the Swiss Confederation’s price regulator

In addition, the right of the tenant to have the cable connection sealed and the utility bill reduced accordingly is guaranteed by law. Learn more (only available in German)

If unused connections are sealed, the costs are to be borne by upc Cablecom. Learn more (only available in German)  

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