Monthly price (CHF) 9.-

Monthly price (CHF) 9.-

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  • Voice Use your mobile subscription call volume on your smartwatch
  • Surfing (CH) Use your We Mobile subscription services on your smartwatch

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We Mobile Mobile

  • With the Apple Watch Cellular, you can make calls and surf the Internet using the 3G and 4G Sunrise mobile network. Your iPhone doesn't even have to be nearby for this because the new Apple Watch connects to the Sunrise network on its own as soon as the iPhone moves out of Bluetooth range or the Apple Watch moves outside the range of a WLAN network. 

    Basic Apple Watch features in combination with the extra SIM watch option:

    • Same phone number as the iPhone
    • Can support two simultaneous incoming or outgoing calls
    • Sends and receives e-mails
    • Sends and receives SMS messages and notifications from third-party apps, provided the iPhone is turned on

    All of the above features are only supported abroad (roaming) if there is a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone or if the watch can be connected to a WLAN network

  • Mobile subscription: 

    • The option can only be used in connection with a Sunrise Freedom subscription. The option cannot be used with a Sun-rise Prepaid subscription or older Sunrise mobile subscriptions. However, you can switch to one of the above-mentioned subscriptions anytime.


    • Apple Watch Cellular with the latest OS version (watchOS 4 or higher) - iPhone 6 or newer model, with iOS 11.2 or higher
  • 1 month
  • The option may be cancelled at any time with 60 days notice.
  • With the extra SIM watch option, you can purchase an Apple Watch Cellular in install-ment payments with no interest or fees. Each device is available starting at a CHF 1.00 down payment. The installment payment agreement will be automatically cancelled when the extra SIM watch option is cancelled. If the device is not yet paid off at that point, all outstanding installments will become due immediately.