FAQ Valentines Deal

Questions on the offer (FAQs)

  • As an existing Sunrise customer, you can purchase the offer in addition to your existing mobile subscription or prepaid contract. Your existing Sunrise Mobile subscription cannot be changed. Subscriptions with Sunrise affiliates (Sunrise24, yallo, Aldi, Lebara, Tele2, Talk Talk) can benefit from number porting.
  • The offer is valid for private customers and business customers in the SoHo segment. You must also have a delivery address in Switzerland as well as a Swiss ID, passport, or C, B, L, G, Ci residence permit.
  • Yes. Beware of fees that your existing provider might charge for the switch. Please choose "Keep existing phone number" under personal information in the Sunrise eShop in order to have the number ported. Furthermore, the porting date cannot be more than 180 days in the future. 
  • The discount is valid for 24 months or as long as you keep your subscription.
  • The Sunrise advantage can be combined with the Valentine’s Day offer. Cannot be combined with other discounts such as Friends of the Firm, Medinex, Friends & Family, etc. 
  • Yes.

Questions about the SIM card

  • If you have purchased the Freedom relax mobile subscription, you will receive one SIM card. If you are also taking advantage of the Freedom share data option, you will receive two SIM cards, one for the mobile subscription and one for Freedom share data.
  • You will receive the SIM cards after your order is received by Sunrise, depending on inventory and order volume (approx. two days after the order).
  • You will receive one or two Smart SIM cards. This SIM card covers all sizes (micro, nano, & mini). 
  • An activation fee of CHF 49.00 per SIM card is charged when the subscription is activated.

Questions on the smartphone

  • Once you have successfully undergone a credit screening, the offer can be combined with a device plan (installment plan for the mobile phone). The monthly installments are determined based on your down payment.
  • Delivery of the smartphone depends on availability of the specific device. 
  • Yes, you can also purchase a smartphone later on.

Questions on Freedom share data

  • Freedom share data is a second SIM card for surfing the Internet. With this second SIM card, you can use the data volume of your mobile subscription on another device as well (e.g. a tablet or modem).
  • No. You must have a Sunrise mobile subscription in order to use Freedom share data. 
  • With a tablet or modem, for example.
  • Yes. You can purchase a tablet on a device plan for your Freedom share data subscription. A positive credit report is required. 
  • No, Freedom share data can only be used with data services and SMS/MMS messaging, not with phone calls.

Questions about the bill

  • In the order process, you can select how you would like to receive your bill. We recommend that you choose electronic billing in order to avoid additional paper fees.
  • The discount will be shown on your monthly bill. 

Questions on switching/transferring subscriptions

  • You can change your subscription at any time. However, the special conditions will be lost.
  • Yes. In any case, the special conditions will be lost. In other words, the new owner of the subscription will pay the regular price. 

Other questions/requests related to the promotion

  • Please contact our customer support at: 0800 707 505