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Sunrise Freedom

The clever mobile plan with no minimum terms
In a nutshell: Sunrise Freedom
Mobile subscriptions with maximum flexibility

Your company deserves the best Telecom Provider

Sunrise Freedom mobile subscriptions with flat rates. In addition, we offer a big variety of devices, from Apple, Samsung, Sony or LG or other suppliers. With Sunrise Freedom you benefit from:

  • The best network for your company Sunrise is the "connect" network test winner 2017, it has the best mobile network in Switzerland
  • Best universal provider for your company in the annual survey conducted by the business magazine “Bilanz,” Sunrise won first place in the top overall provider category – with the best results in quality, customer service, flexibility, innovation and price.         
  • 15% combo discount: when you combine a Sunrise mobile subscription with Sunrise internet

For additional needs that cannot be met with one of our Sunrise Freedom subscriptions, please contact us Contact form Product and Purchase Advice

Online advantage: Save CHF 49.– per new subscription by not paying the activation fee.

In a nutshell: Sunrise Freedom
Mobile subscriptions with maximum flexibility

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