Kaspersky Safe Kids

Accompany your children as they take their first steps in the digital world.


Your children need support

For adults and children, the Internet is a part of life. We use it to waste time, meet friends and share experiences. But danger lurks in its corners – particularly for children, these risks may be hard to recognize and assess. With Kaspersky Safe Kids, you can help your children take their first steps in the digital world.

You have complete control

With you at the controls, Kaspersky Safe Kids manages your child's device:
  • Sets device and Internet use times
  • Blocks inappropriate content
  • Limits app use
  • Monitors kids' contacts

Do you know where your children are?

Kaspersky Safe Kids shows you where your children are – in real-time and on a map. You can also designate a safe zone so that you receive an immediate alert when your children leave this area.

Send smartphones to sleep, too

Make lights-out the only discussion you need to have with your kids before they go to sleep. Kaspersky Safe Kids lets you decide when your children use their devices or go on the Internet. You have full control over how long and at which times your little ones use their smartphones.

It's easy

You manage all settings directly from the Safe Kids app or from the online user cockpit. Important: You can adjust the settings in line with your needs. Strict or relaxed, it's entirely up to you.