One authentication for everything

With Mobile ID, you can log in to various online portals and online banking sites conveniently and securely. The service works with the most common smartphones and does not need additional apps or programs. The only thing you need for this service is a smart SIM card. 

Your advantages:

  • Convenient: You set a Mobile ID PIN that is stored only on your SIM card. That way, you don't need different PIN codes for every online platform.
  • Secure: Mobile ID combines physical and digital protection. It is one of the most secure two-factor authentications in the world. 
  • Always available: With Mobile ID, you need only your smartphone, no other auxiliary devices. And here's the best part: The service is free of charge for you.

Activate or reset your Mobile ID PIN here.

More information

  • In order to use this service all you need is a Smart SIM card and a mobile subscription (not available with Sunrise Prepaid).
  • Activate the option Mobile ID on and follow the instructions on your hardware and make a note of your mobile ID PIN (six digits).
  • You may set up a new mobile ID PIN any time on

    Please note: If the Mobile ID PIN is reset, the connections with all providers you use must be reconfigured.

  • You can deactivate the option Mobile ID at any time on .

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