Monthly price (CHF) 5.-

Monthly price (CHF) 5.-

Rate details

  • Convenient

    Several SIM cards for the same phone number

  • Extra SIM card

    + CHF 49.- (one-time)

More information

    • None
    • Additional SIM cards for the same mobile phone number: 

      This allows the following:

      • Calling and data usage on several mobile hardware devices, including PDAs and laptops with the same phone number.

      • Using an additional connection for your car phone or for in-vehicle mobile network hardware (including satellite navigation, entertainment systems, automatic emergency call system).

    • Usage of calling and data services is billed to the same underlying mobile subscription. The terms of the corresponding mobile subscription apply.
    • The option can be cancelled with a cancellation period of 30 days prior to the end of each month. Individual multicards can be cancelled.

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