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Keeping you safe and secure online

You are at risk for Internet security threats!

Dangers are lurking everywhere online. One third of all people in Switzerland is attacked through the Internet at least once per year. And the risk is rising. Every day, more than 300,000 threats are created and released into the web. Sunrise customers became victims as well.

Jenni M.*

"I received an update request for my eMail account from the "Admin Message Center". If I didn't confirm the account by clicking a link, it would be deactivated"

Can you trust this link?
Christoph. S.*

"When I start up the Internet, a pop up suddenly declares that my device has been blocked for security reasons. I need to pay CHF 150 with a PaySafeCard."

Is this message real?
Silvia F.*

"I don't know what to do. My Internet does not work right all the time; sometimes it gets blocked."

What blocks the connection?

Stay safe with surf protect

Keeping you safe and secure online

We protect you from Internet threats
You do not need to be an expert to stay secure. We will take care of phishing, ransomware, viruses, and other looming threats.
One solution to secure all devices
We support any e-enabled device, whether you want to protect your laptop, smartphone, smart TV, game console, or even your home security system.
Security is only a click away
Simply activate surf protect to safely browse in mobile networks and using your Sunrise router. Your protection will be up to date without any software or app installations.
Benefit from full device performance
We will provide you with real-time security without impacting your Internet speed, performance, and device battery life.

Good reasons for surf protect

In a nutshell: Sunrise surf protect
Keeping you safe and secure online

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*Customer name is known but not disclosed for confidentialty reasons.