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  • Protection For unauthorized use after theft, robbery, burglar

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  • Sunrise Freedom and older subscriptions. (not for prepaid).
  • Call misuse (calling, data connections) following theft or robbery is covered. Theft is defined as the seizure of the insured hardware, including bag theft and break-in theft, with the intention to unlawfully assign ownership to oneself or a third party.
  • Costs charged by a telecommunications provider for payment of call and data connection costs are considered to be damages.
  • Uninsured events include
    (a) unnoticed theft from property without evidence of forced entry or exit
    (b) theft from a vehicle when there is no evidence of forced entry and the insured hardware was not reasonably hidden
    or (c) theft when the insured hardware is left somewhere unattended so that it is readily accessible to the public
    (d) when the hardware is entrusted to someone other than the person eligible for benefit and is then misused by this person.
  • The phone number listed in the insurance policy is the insured number.
  • The owner of the phone number recorded in the insurance policy is eligible for benefits. If the owner changes, the insurance is automatically transferred to the new owner.
  • Report any damages directly to the insurer at the number: +41 43 210 27 45 or online at .
  • Damages due to theft or robbery must be reported to the responsible police station no later than within 72 hours of the occurrence or discovery of the event. The insurer can demand a copy of the report.

    The insurer's obligation to provide services will become invalid if the theft of the corresponding mobile phone or tablet is not reported to Sunrise Communications AG within 72 hours, the corresponding SIM card concerned is not blocked, and/or the theft is not reported to the responsible police station.
  • Day of registration. When a number is ported, insurance coverage always starts with activation/completion of porting.
  • The option is activated starting the day after registration.
  • 1 month. The duration is determined based on the number of calendar days in the month of activation.
  • At the end of each month, the option is automatically renewed at midnight (CET).
  • The option can be cancelled at the end of any duration period. The option can be used until midnight on the last day of the duration period.
    The option is automatically cancelled if the subscription the option is based on is cancelled.
  • The fee for the option is invoiced at activation. The option fee is automatically invoiced on a monthly basis until the option is cancelled. If you cancel during a billing period, the basic charge for the entire month will apply.

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