4G+ hotspot for your office

Immediate connection via 4G+ high-speed internet

Enjoy the freedom of mobile internet

Replace your home internet connection with a 4G hotspot. Whether for your office, at home or vacation house, connect all your devices via mobile Wi-Fi.

CHF 57.25 per month

High speed internet via 4G

Sunrise 4G+ Wi-Fi Tower & Mobile internet unlimited CHF 57.25/month
  • Practical
    Plug & play: Connect to the Internet immediately. Never wait for a connection appointment, and simply take it with you when you move
  • Unlimited 4G+ data
    With Mobile Internet unlimited, you benefit from unlimited data (4G+)
  • Secure
    Thanks to the best network in Switzerland - Mobile Internet is on average 50% faster than a wireline Internet connection

More on Wi-Fi Tower

Sunrise 4G + WiFi Tower

With deviceplan for 24 months: CHF 8.25/month (Price: CHF 199.–)
  • Connect all your devices via mobile WiFi
    (up to 64 devices)
  • Plug & Play: Connect to the internet immediately
  • The fastest modem in Switzerland
    (CAT 11: up to 582 Mbit/s)
  • External antennae for a stronger signal
  • Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 21 cm

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