Monthly price (CHF)
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Monthly price (CHF) 21.-

Rate details
  • Replacement hardware in mint condition if damage is irreparable
  • Replacement hardware in mint condition in case of theft
  • Repair after breakage and water damage
  • Worldwide coverage included
  • warranty extension 3rd year
  • Cost with price of device up to CHF 399.– CHF 9.– / month
  • Excess fee Excess fee CHF 30.–
  • Cost with price of device from CHF 400.- to CHF 599.– CHF 13.– / month
  • Excess fee Excess fee CHF 50.–
  • Cost with price of device starting at CHF 600.– to CHF 799.– CHF 16.– / month
  • Excess fee Excess fee CHF 60.–
  • Cost with price of device starting at CHF 800.– to CHF 1049.– CHF 17.– / month
  • Excess fee Excess fee CHF 80.–
  • Cost with price of device starting at CHF 1050.– to CHF 1699.– CHF 19.– / month
  • Excess fee Excess fee CHF 90.–
  • Cost with price of device starting at CHF 1700.– to CHF 2500.– CHF 21.– / month
  • Excess fee Excess fee CHF 100.–

More information

    • Sunrise Freedom and older subscriptions. (not for prepaid).
    • Option purchase date
    • Purchase date for the option if insurance is purchased at the same time as the insured hardware.

      If insurance coverage does not start at the same time the insured hardware is purchased, there is no entitlement to benefits during a grace period of 14 days from the start of insurance coverage.

      When a number is ported, insurance coverage always starts with activation/completion of porting.

    • 3 months. The duration is determined based on the number of calendar days in the month of activation. 
    • Once the minimum duration of 3 months has expired, the option can be terminated at any time by the end of the next calendar month.

      The option will end automatically when the Sunrise mobile phone contract associated with the insurance option is cancelled.

    • New hardware or hardware that has been purchased within the past 12 months in Switzerland and has passed a like-new condition inspection is eligible to be insured. The hardware with the IMEI no. recorded in the insurance document is insured.

      Important: Separate insurance must be taken out for each device.        

    • The person who is the rightful user of the insured hardware is eligible for benefits. If ownership of the insured hardware is transferred to a different person, the insurance contract is not transferred to the new owner. 
    • Report any damages directly to the insurer at the number: +41 43 210 27 45 or online at .
    • All damages caused by sudden or unpredicted external influences (shock, impact, crushing, fire, heat, water, moisture) and that make it so that the hardware can no longer be used as intended are insured.
    • Damages that occur under the following conditions are not insured: By: Natural wear and tear, oxidation/battery (drainage, incorrect usage, etc.)/failure to comply with manufacturer's operating instructions/use of accessories that are not original to the hardware and not made by the manufacturer (e.g. network cables)/modification of the original characteristics of the insured mobile phone/negligent or deliberate mishandling of the hardware by the person eligible for benefits/repairs, maintenance, and restoration or cleaning work/leaving it unattended, misplacement, or loss/confiscation by government agencies, regardless of whether the mobile phone was confiscated as the result of illegal activity or not/viruses/committing crimes, neglect, or misuse perpetrated or attempted by the person eligible for benefits in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the provider/damages caused by war, unrest, natural catastrophes/incidents with biological or chemical substances, shock waves, and sonic waves, 
    • The following damages are not insured: Material or manufacturing defects/technical disruptions if covered by warrantee or cannot be attributed to external influences/scratch, impact, and abrasion damages/deformations that do not impair functionality/discoloration/data damages, data loss/damages causing a reduction in value and pure financial losses, loss of use, data loss, shipping and transport costs (return, repair, etc.)/software damages/defective batteries/indirect damages caused by an insured event (financial losses, loss of use, income loss, expenditures, etc.)
    • Insurance protection for hardware losses provided under the Sunrise smart protect product is valid for a maximum of three years, including the warrantee granted by the hardware manufacturer or Sunrise, meaning a maximum of three years after the guarantee provided by the manufacturer begins.
    • Chubb Insurance (Switzerland) AG

      Insured customers are directly entitled to the provision of insurance services by Chubb.

    • Insurance cover shall be applicable for mobile phones and tablets, which are purchased from Sunrise or a third party in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and are registered within 12 months from new purchase with reservation of verification in a Sunrise center of the mobile phone or tablet in mint condition. For used devices or those purchased from a third party, the insurance premium is CHF 13.00, regardless of the value of the device.

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