Sunrise indoor box

Better indoor coverage

What is a Sunrise indoor box?

The Sunrise indoor box is a small receiving and transmitting device that can be used inside the home.

Barriers such as walls, houses, trees, etc., between users and transmitting antennas can weaken the signals received by users. If your indoor signal is not strong enough to make phone calls or browse the Internet on your phone, we recommend installing the Sunrise indoor box.

The Sunrise indoor box enhances the Sunrise mobile broadband network within buildings. Using the Sunrise indoor box gives you better reception at home on your mobile phone.

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Requirements for a Sunrise indoor box: Sunrise customers on a Sunrise mobile subscription can call one of the following numbers for more information on the "Sunrise indoor box": 0800 707 707. The one-time cost for activation of a Sunrise indoor box is CHF 49.00.

Important: The Sunrise indoor box only works with a 3G-compatible mobile. You also need a landline Internet connection because you will need to use a LAN cable to connect the Sunrise indoor box to your Internet router.

If you already have a Sunrise indoor box and would like to unlock additional mobile phone numbers to use your Sunrise indoor box or if you would like to change the location of your Sunrise indoor box, please log into My Sunrise.

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