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Data SIM for free
Benefit from a free for lifetime special discount on your We Connect watch or We Connect surf subscription. Please note that this free for lifetime discount is only applicable if at the time of order, you have other products from Sunrise or UPC. Furthermore, if you are a Sunrise customer the offer is also valid for the tariff plans We Connect extra SIM watch and We Connect extra SIM surf.

The advantages of We Connect
If you are a Sunrise Mobile customer, We Connect rewards you with an advantage on the track, watch and surf tariff plans so that you can subscribe to their extra SIM version at half the price. In addition, we have reserved a discount of CHF 40.- for We Connect WiFi, which is also available to We Home customers.

We Connect watch & We Connect extra SIM watch: the perfect subscription

Use the Watch independently from your smartphone with a separate phone number thanks to We Connect watch or make phone calls, send messages and even stream music as you please - even if the smartphone stays at home with We Connect extra SIM watch.

NEW: We introduce you to our new subscriptions

Benefit now! As a Sunrise customer, you receive a cost advantage of up to CHF 40.-.

Find the perfect device for your subscription

Connect your smartwatch

With the We Connect extra SIM watch option you can use the services of your mobile subscription on your smartwatch. So you can make calls, send messages and even stream music as you like - even if your smartphone stays at home.

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