"Connect" network test winner 2018

Sunrise has the best network yet again

Sunrise has the best network yet again

For the second time, Sunrise emerged as the WINNER in the "connect" network test. With 973 points, Sunrise earned the highest result ever measured in all countries and, together with Swisscom, finished a solid 128 points ahead of Salt.

With that, Sunrise confirms the results of last year's test and once again receives the highest ranking “OUTSTANDING” in the most respected network test in the industry. This world-class result was largely attributable to the fact that the company offers the
best voice telephony on intercity roads, in trains and in major cities.

In just five years, Sunrise has transformed its mobile network from "satisfactory” to a record holding “OUTSTANDING” as evaluated by “connect”. No other mobile communications provider has achieved such steady development in such a short period of time.

The results of the "connect" network test since 2014

For full details and more information about the test methodology, see the official website of the independent specialist magazine "connect".

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