Regli Weine.
Sunrise customer for over a decade.

“Sunrise is a very reliable partner. At Regli Weine, we’re very satisfied. We’ve optimized our costs, and the cost-benefit ratio is great!”

Michael Regli, co-owner and CEO of Regli Weine


Regli Weine at a glance

Regli Weine is a specialist in regional and international wines. From its locations in Hallau and St. Gallen, the company supplies primarily local restaurants but also private customers. In addition to wine sales, the Regli family also runs Wystübli Tröttli, a small restaurant with meeting rooms and bed-and-breakfast options. For stable communications at home and on the road, Michael Regli, a fourth-generation owner of Regli Weine, relies on Sunrise.

A little bit of Tuscany in Switzerland:
Sunrise talks with Michael Regli.

We asked Michael Regli what, in his mind, constitutes a good communications solution.

Sunrise: Mr. Regli, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today.
How important is being reachable for you?
Michael Regli: When our customers pick up the phone, we want to be sure they can reach us at any time. A lot of our restaurant orders also come in by fax. Private customers, on the other hand, prefer to shop online. That’s why we also run an online shop. In either case, being able to respond quickly and reliably is crucial. We have to be reachable by phone, e-mail, fax or online at all times dependably – among each other as well. With Sunrise, we’re able to do that quite well.

Sunrise: In other words, Sunrise helps you run your business?
Michael Regli: You could say that. We don’t just communicate with our customers, but with each other as well when we’re out in the field. While I’m mainly here in Hallau, my dad runs deliveries to St. Gallen three times a week. Dad also handles the bookkeeping, while I focus more on marketing.

Sunrise plays a role there, too. With a solid Internet connection, I can manage our online store easily. And we communicate with our suppliers as well. Some of them are located abroad. Over the last few years, we’ve been working on adding exclusive international wines to our selection. There are times when you need questions answered quickly. That’s when I pick up the phone and call my foreign suppliers. Thanks to flexible international calling rates, Sunrise lets me keep a handle on my costs.


Sunrise: Which Sunrise products are you currently using?
Michael Regli: We have four mobile phone contracts, two Internet connections and two landline connections from Sunrise. And by we I mean my mom, my wife and my 93-year-old grandfather, all of whom help out, when we’re at trade shows, for example. With Sunrise, not only are we reachable at all times, we get everything from a one-stop shop, and with the bundle package we get a 15% discount on the basic fees, plus flat rates for mobile and landline calling. All of this helps us keep our costs under control.
The cost-benefit ratio is amazing. I’m very satisfied.

Sunrise: How long have you been with Sunrise?
Michael Regli: For over ten years now. We were with Swisscom before we switched to Sunrise. Sunrise was very helpful in making the switch easy for us. It was quick and efficient. Their entire staff was very patient and made sure everything went smoothly. In the end, it’s safe to say: Sunrise is a reliable partner, who I’m glad to recommend!

Thank you very much for your time.


Regli Weine benefits from:
  • Optimized costs

  • A one-stop shop

  • Reliable service on the best mobile network in Switzerland

  • Bundle plan benefits for all staff members

  • Free internal calls