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  • Find all the information about the Sunrise We Connect extra SIM watch option here.

  • Use your smartphone to update your Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE software.

  • Would you like to unpair your Galaxy Watch from your smartphone? You can find instructions for unpairing the devices here.

    • Smartphones with Android OS 5.0 and later, such as Huawei, Sony, HTC, LG
    • The Apple iPhone 5 or later versions running iOS 9.0 or a later release
    You must purchase the We Connect extra SIM watch option to use the Galaxy Watch LTE on the Sunrise mobile network. We would be happy to activate the We Connect extra SIM watch option for your non-Samsung smartphone at a Sunrise shop near you. The We Connect extra SIM watch option cannot be purchased through the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone. The app is only used to pair and control your Galaxy Watch.
    Please proceed as follows:
    1. Take your smartphone, your Galaxy Watch, and the original packaging to a Sunrise shop near you.
    2. Purchase the We Connect extra SIM watch option for your Galaxy Watch there. (The original packaging for the Galaxy Watch is needed because it contains both serial numbers that must be recorded with a handheld scanner).
    3. Install the Galaxy Wearable app and pair your Galaxy Watch.
    4. Select "Mobile network" in the settings, and the eSIM profile will upload to your Galaxy Watch.

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