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Cancellation of Options

Options generally have a minimum term of 1 month, unless indicated otherwise in the rates overview under the relevant option. Once the minimum term ends, the options can be terminated at any time.

In the event the customer obtains content or other services from a third party provider (Teleclub, Canal+, Netflix, Sky Sport etc), the minimum contract duration and the terms and provisions of the third party applies.

Cancellation with Freedom share data

Freedom share data can be used with or without a Freedom mobile subscription. In case, it is used without a Freedom rate plan, the standard rates for data usage will be charged. Freedom share data must be canceled separately.


Termination of a service also includes all the options associated with the cancelled services. Cancellation of an option does not affect the underlying service. However, if a terminated service is linked to an option whose minimum contractual term has not yet been reached, the customer owes the fees for the option up to the end of the minimum contractual term. The fees shall be due immediately.

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