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Fiber optics: Light speed for your home

  • Surf at speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s with the same upload/download speed on the fiber optic network
  • Simultaneous use - reliably fast, even when every device in your home, and in the entire city for that matter, is online
  • Ultimate cloud enjoyment - securely store large amounts of data online or share high-quality files with friends

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  • General information

    • If your apartment is already connected to the fiber optic cable network, you should also have a fiber optic cable outlet.
    • In order to connect the ordered products to your outlet, we have to known the number of your fiber optic cable outlet, which is called the OTO ID.
    • Your building manager or the previous tenant should be able to give you this information.
    Attention: Some households with connections do not yet have a fiber optic cable outlet; it will have to be installed. If that is your situation, please call 0800 707 707.

    Location of the fiber optic cable outlet

    • The fiber optic cable outlet is normally located in the living room, usually next to the main telephone outlet.
    • If you have a multi-media box, the fiber optic cable outlet may also be inside it.

    OTO ID – the number of the fiber optic cable outlet

    • The number is printed on the outlet.
    • It generally starts with the letter A or B, but sometimes O or WP, and has the following format: A.XXX.XXX.XXX.X.

    Example of a fiber optic cable outlet, including OTO ID:

    Communicate the number to Sunrise

    • Enter the number in the "OTO ID of fiber optic connection" field when you process the order.
    • If you have submitted the order without including the OTO ID, please call 0800 707 707 to give us the number.

    Technical details of the fiber optic cable outlet

    • The fiber optic cable outlet is an optical telecommunications outlet (Optical Termination Outlet; OTO).
    • It has a unique identification number, known as the OTO ID.
    • The fiber optic cable (patch cable) is plugged into it.
    • It forms the optical interface between your device and the fiber optic cable network outlet.
    • A fiber optic cable outlet may have up to four ports – the numbers 1 to 4 are printed in small type at the bottom of the fiber optic cable outlet.
    • During the activation process, we will inform you which ports are used for your products.
  • The Sunrise fiber optic cable network is growing continuously. Thanks to cooperation with local energy suppliers and Swiss Fibre Net, it already covers most of Switzerland.

    Find a list of our fiber optic cable partners and more information about fiber optics here.

  • Duration

    • The switch to fiber optics can take 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your situation.
    • The existing connection, however, will only be disconnected 14 days after the switch to fiber optics. This ensures that your services remain uninterrupted.


    • If you are a new Sunrise customer, we will send everything to you by post.
    • If you are a current Sunrise customer, we will check what Sunrise devices you already have at home. If you need any new devices, we will send them to you.


    • A technician or electrician will install the fiber optic cable outlet.
    • If you have ordered home installation, a technician from Cablex will also help install your new modem and TV Box.

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