Fiber optic technology & Fiber optic cable outlet (OTO)

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Fiber optics: Light speed for your home

  • Surf at speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s with the same upload/download speed on the fiber optic network
  • Simultaneous use - reliably fast, even when every device in your home, and in the entire city for that matter, is online
  • Ultimate cloud enjoyment - securely store large amounts of data online or share high-quality files with friends

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  • General information

    • The fiber optic cable outlet (also known as an OTO outlet) connects your home with our ultra-fast fiber optic cable network.
    • If your apartment is already connected to the fiber optic cable network, in most cases you should also have a fiber optic cable outlet.
    Tip: The fiber optic cable outlet is usually in the living room or the front entryway.

    OTO ID – the number of the fiber optic cable outlet

    We need to have your OTO ID in order to be able to activate fiber optics Internet in your home.

    • The ID number is printed directly on the outlet
    • It generally starts with the letter A or B, but sometimes also with the letter O or the letters WP, followed by ten digits in the following format: A.XXX.XXX.XXX.X.
    • If you have any problems here, your building management company or the previous tenant can give you the information you need.

    Example of a fiber optic cable outlet, including the OTO ID:

    Attention: Some households with connections do not yet have a fiber optic cable outlet; it will have to be installed. If that is your situation, please call 0800 707 707.

    Location of the fiber optic cable outlet

    If you can't find your fiber optic cable outlet at first, please do the following:

    Older buildings

    The fiber optic cable outlet is normally mounted at a height of around 20 cm in your living room or hallway.
    It's usually located next to a power outlet, cable connection, or copper outlet.


    Newer buildings with multimedia boxes
    In newer buildings, the fiber optic cable outlet can usually be found in a multimedia box located in the entryway.


    Examples of different types of fiber optic cable outlets

    Communicate the number to Sunrise

    • Enter the number in the "OTO ID of fiber optic connection" field when you process the order.
    • If you have submitted the order without including the OTO ID, please call 0800 707 707 to give us the number.

    Technical details of the fiber optic cable outlet

    • The fiber optic cable outlet is an optical telecommunications outlet (Optical Termination Outlet; OTO).
    • It has a unique identification number, known as the OTO ID.
    • The fiber optic cable (patch cable) is plugged into it.
    • It forms the optical interface between your device and the fiber optic cable network outlet.
    • A fiber optic cable outlet may have up to four ports – the numbers 1 to 4 are printed in small type at the bottom of the fiber optic cable outlet.
    • During the activation process, we will inform you which ports are used for your products.
  • The Sunrise fiber optic cable network is growing continuously. Thanks to cooperation with local energy suppliers and Swiss Fibre Net, it already covers most of Switzerland.

    Find a list of our fiber optic cable partners and more information about fiber optics here.

  • Duration

    • The switch to fiber optics can take 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your situation.
    • The existing connection, however, will only be disconnected 14 days after the switch to fiber optics. This ensures that your services remain uninterrupted.


    • If you are a new Sunrise customer, we will send everything to you by post.
    • If you are a current Sunrise customer, we will check what Sunrise devices you already have at home. If you need any new devices, we will send them to you.


    • A technician or electrician will install the fiber optic cable outlet.
    • If you have ordered home installation, a technician from Cablex will also help install your new modem and TV Box.

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