Sunrise mobile network app

The free feedback app on the Sunrise mobile network

  • Test the network quality and speed where you are
  • Help with customer-oriented development and enhancement of the Sunrise mobile network with our feedback
  • Together we will make our network even better

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  • Requirements

    • A mobile phone or tablet with a Sunrise SIM card.
    • Android or iOS operating system (Windows not currently supported).


    • The app collects data, measurements and your ratings, and sends this information to the Sunrise measurement system.
    • With a single click, you can run a connection test or a speed test for mobile data transmission.
    • You can also give feedback when you cannot establish a connection. The feedback will be transmitted as soon as a connection is re-established.

    Measurements and answers to my feedback

    • You will not receive a direct answer to your feedback, but we can assess specific feedback and, if necessary, respond to you.
    • Based on the collected data and customer feedback, we expand our mobile network specifically where that offers our customers the most added value.

    Use abroad
    The app is automatically blocked for roaming.

    Tip: You can find additional information about your Sunrise mobile network app here .
  • General information

    • The Sunrise Mobile Network app complies with to current Swiss data protection legislation.
    • No personal data will be collected. In particular, we do not create any movement profiles or anything of that nature.

    Data collection

    • We do not collect content-related information, such as news or passwords.
    • The app only collects data that cannot be traced back to the user's identity, such as speeds, location and use, or technical parameters.
    • The data is stored for at most three months.

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