Porting a mobile number

Take your mobile number with you to Sunrise in just 3 steps

    • Select the Sunrise mobile subscription that best suits your needs and take out a contract online, at a Sunrise Shop or over the phone.

      Select a new mobile subscription now

    • Check your current minimum contract duration and notice period to avoid incurring penalty fees from your old provider.

      You don’t know your notice period?
      Simply send an SMS with the text «Info» to 503.
      Your current provider will then inform you of your next possible cancellation date.

      The regular notice period is usually 60 days.
      The earliest date you can request mobile number porting is 120 days before your old subscription expires.
    • We will cancel your old contract. You don’t have to take care of anything else!

      The authorization form enables us to cancel your contract and also serves as a mobile number porting request.
      Please do not cancel yourself. This can delay number porting.
    • A correctly completed authorization form gives us permission to cancel your old contract and port your mobile number.

      You can print the authorization form yourself or pick one up at a Sunrise Shop.

      Print authorization form
      (German only)

      Find a Sunrise Shop

    • For us to be able to transfer your mobile number from your old provider, you must fill out the form correctly.

      A quick guide on how to fill out the authorization form correctly can be found here .
    • Send your completed authorization form by mai l to:

      Sunrise UPC LLC
      Thurgauerstrasse 101B
      P.O. Box
      8050 Zürich

      Or drop it off at a Sunrise Shop .

      Shop search
    • If you would later like to make changes to your authorization form (e.g., change the name or cancellation date), you must fill out and submit a new form .
    • You can simply insert your new SIM card into your device when the new contract starts.
      You will automatically take your number with you and make calls on the Sunrise network from now on.

    • You will receive your new SIM card by mail , at the latest one week after concluding the contract.

      If you have purchased a device plan, you will also receive your new device.
    • You will receive an SMS from us as soon as your mobile number porting request has been confirmed.

      In this SMS, we will confirm that the number porting process is underway and inform you of the start date of your new mobile subscription.
      Your old number will be transferred to the new SIM card once your new subscription starts. Unfortunately, your new SIM card will not work prior to that.

      You will also receive the information by e-mail or in a letter.
    • On the start date of your Sunrise mobile subscription, you can insert your new SIM card, unlock it using the enclosed PIN and start making calls on the Sunrise network with your old number.
Tip: Porting your prepaid mobile number is even easier. Find out more here.

Keep track of the number porting process

Simply take your prepaid mobile number with you to Sunrise

    1. Choose the prepaid rate that’s best for you and complete the order.

    2. Send a free SMS with the text «Yes» to 499 using your old SIM.

    3. We will confirm your number porting request by sending an SMS to your old number and will inform you of the date by which the transfer will be complete..
      The entire process usually takes 3–5 days.

    4. From the confirmed date onwards, you will be using your new Sunrise SIM card with your old number.

Frequently asked questions about mobile number porting

  • No, you do not need to cancel your contract.
    On the contrary, cancelling your old contract yourself can delay the number porting process.

    The signed authorization form enables us to cancel your old contract in your name on the agreed date.

  • You can register for mobile number porting as soon as you have signed up for your new Sunrise mobile subscription.
    However, to ensure number porting goes smoothly from day one of your subscription, you will need to submit the authorization form no later than 60 days before expiration of your old contract.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to request number porting more than 120 days before the start of the subscription.

  • 1. Correct and full name

    • Did you include other first or middle names when signing up with your old provider?
    • Have you changed your last name?
    • Is your old contract in the name of a family member?

      If the name provided here does not fully match the name that is on file with the old provider, they will not agree to number porting.

    2. Correct cancellation date

    If you enter a date here that does not comply with your previous provider’s notice period, number porting will be rejected.

    Would you like to cancel your old contract early?
    Make sure to select:
    «I would like to transfer my number before the end of the minimum contract period (...).»
    Please note, however, that you may incur penalty fees with your old provider.

    3. Sign the authorization form

    Please note:
    Are you a minor but still registered as the owner of the number with your old provider?
    In this case, you (not your legal guardian) must sign the authorization form.

  • Processing the form can take up to 2 weeks.

    We will manually register your authorization form.
    We will then forward the request to your previous provider and will need to give them some time to respond.

  • If you would later like to change your mobile number porting details, you will need to fill out and submit the authorization form again.

    Print authorization form

  • No, you can only use your new Sunrise SIM card once your subscription has started. It will not be activated prior to that.

    Please make sure you keep track of the SIM card until the specified start date.

  • We use your authorization exclusively to transfer your mobile number from your old provider to your new Sunrise subscription.

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