Sunrise mailbox

Your personal voice mail

  • Calls you don't pick up will be forwarded to your mailbox
  • You will receive an SMS informing you when a caller leaves a message
  • You can call your mailbox at any time free of charge from Switzerland

Activate mailbox: *145# call button
Turn off mailbox: #145# call button

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  • Services

    • Maximum number of voicemail messages: 30
    • Maximum length of voicemail messages: 3 minutes
    • Length of time new/saved voicemail messages are saved: 15 days
    • Maximum number of fax messages: 30
    • Maximum number of pages per incoming fax message: 20

    Forwarding incoming calls to the mailbox: Three scenarios

    • Your mobile phone is turned off or has no signal.
    • You are on a call and a second call comes in.
    • You refuse to accept a call.

    Ring time until forwarding
    You decide how much time should pass before calls are forwarded to the Sunrise mailbox.

    Key combination: **61*+418607xxxxxxxx (your mobile number) **30 (number of seconds) # Call button
    Example: **61*+41860763333333**30# Call button

    Ring time in seconds for the key combination: 5/10/15/20/25/30

    Direct forwarding
    You can also forward all calls directly to your Sunrise mailbox:

    • Activate: *21* 086 + your mobile number 07x xxx xx xx #
    • Deactivate: #21#
  • Within Switzerland

    • From your mobile phone, call your mailbox at number 076 333 33 33 or 086 plus your mobile number 07x xxx xx xx
    • From another phone, you can reach the mailbox at number 086 plus your mobile number 07x xxx xx xx. To listen to your messages, press the star (*) key and enter your mailbox password, followed by the pound (#) key.

    While abroad

    • You can call your mailbox at number +4186 plus your mobile number 07x xxx xx xx.
    • Enter your mailbox password followed by the pound key (#) to listen to your messages.
    • If you forget your mailbox password, press the star (*) key. Your mailbox password will immediately be sent to your mobile phone by SMS.
  • Mailbox password

    • You will need your password to listen to your mailbox while abroad or from another phone service.
    • If you forget your password, call your mailbox at 076 333 33 33 from your mobile phone and press button 9 to go to the menu.
    • Now press button 4 to go to "Password".
    • You can set a new password here (button 1) or have the password sent to you by SMS (button 2).
    • The password consists of six randomly selected digits that do not have a recognizable number pattern (e.g. 111111, 123456). In addition, it should not be easy to guess from the knowledge of public information about the owner (e.g. birthday, telephone number).

    Mailbox settings
    Call your mailbox at 076 333 33 33 from your mobile phone and press button 9 to go to the menu. Here you have the following options:

    • Change greeting (button 1)
    • Mailbox password (button 4)
    • Mailbox language (button 5)
    • Caller information (button 6)

    Call your mailbox at 076 333 33 33 from your mobile phone and press button 0 to go to "Help". Now follow the instructions.

  • Outside Switzerland, call forwarding to the Sunrise mailbox will be billed like a call within Switzerland (Exceptions: Freedom swiss start, swiss calls, swiss unlimited, swiss neighbors und europe&US). You can avoid these costs by doing the following:

    • Deactivate the Sunrise mailbox before you go abroad with the key combination #145# Call button
    • Block call forwarding to your mailbox, which is subject to a charge, in the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit.

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