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  • With the Sunrise Freedom subscription, you have unlimited freedom , since your contract has no minimum duration . Needs change. Yesterday calls were important to you, but today you need more data, are sending more SMS messages, or are making frequent international calls. Change your subscription any time you want, and you'll never pay more than necessary.

    Enhance your subscription with service options : for inexpensive roaming on vacation, more data for surfing or mobile phone insurance. For what you need now. Customize your Sunrise Freedom even more.
  • According to Connect-Test (12/2015), Sunrise has the best customer service hotline of any Swiss telecommunications provider. We actively work to offer our customers the best service all the time and to improve the standards for our teams of experts working for the Sunrise shops and hotline.
  • We bill you separately for device and subscription . For your mobile subscription, you pay the monthly rate. Independent of that, you either pay full price up front for your new smartphone or you make installment payments that you specify yourself. You always know what the status is and how much you have already paid off. As soon as you have paid off your smartphone, you are done with your installments. There aren't any hidden costs.

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