Unexpected roaming charges

Roaming cost limit for calls/SMS/MMS and surfing abroad, roaming blocks and Sunrise Cockpit.

Cost limit for roaming

You can simply set a monthly spending limit for roaming in My Sunrise:

Roaming blocks

In My Sunrise you can block specific connections and services:

  • Block all roaming voice, outgoing SMS and data roaming 

  • Deactivate incoming call forwarding to the Sunrise mailbox while abroad.

  • Block calls and SMS on ships and in airplanes (surfing is not supported) 

  • Block all data use abroad unless data roaming packages or included monthly data roaming are available.

  • Block receipt of info SMS with the roaming rates 

Sunrise Cockpit

When abroad, always use the Sunrise Cockpit, it offers the following options:

Roaming options

Find and book the right roaming package for your stay abroad.

Roaming settings

  • Block data usage abroad when there is no option or included data volume available for roaming.

  • Block expensive forwarding to your Sunrise mailbox while you're abroad.

  • Block calls and SMS on ships and airplanes.

  • Define a monthly cost limit (mobile subscription for data roaming, prepaid for calls, SMS and data roaming).

Usage status

You can view the usage of your included services and roaming packages.