Digital identification

As a telecommunications provider, Sunrise is legally obligated under the Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications Traffic Act (SPTA) to identify all customers with a valid ID and to store a digital copy of this ID in the customer's account. The simplest and most convenient way to do so is digitally.

Digital identification via My Sunrise

Have a valid identification document ready and start the digital identification process:



Orders (incl. device shipment) can only be processed following successful identification.

Scan ID document

In order for us to clearly identify you, we need a scan of a valid official identification document (an identity card, passport or residence permit). A driver’s license is not permitted.


  • Please scan a valid ID with your mobile phone camera.

  • Depending on the type of ID, you may need to scan both the front and the back.

  • Place the ID in front of you on a stable surface.

Valid ID types

  • Passport (front only)

  • ID (front and back)

  • Residence permit (front and back)



The scan didn’t work? Make sure you are scanning a valid and approved ID document and try again.

Face matching via video

In order to accurately and securely identify you as a new customer, you will be asked to record a short 5-second video once you have scanned your ID. The video will automatically be deleted (and not stored) after successful verification.


Your digital signature via the app is legally valid. You can easily sign using your finger, an appropriate touch pen or a mouse on your desktop.

Data protection

Your security and the security of your customer details is a top priority for Sunrise. All data are protected in accordance with the latest security standards (ISO27001). Data entered electronically are used only to fulfill legal obligations. No data are stored locally on the smartphone.

Resolving issues

Errors while scanning your ID

  • Make sure that the access link was sent to you by Sunrise via e-mail and that it is still valid (seven days after receipt of the e-mail)

  • Carry out the process again with your smartphone or tablet.

  • Check whether your ID document is supported.

Scanning isn’t working

  • Please make sure you are scanning a valid and approved ID and try again.

  • Carry out the process again with your smartphone or tablet.

I don't want to record a video of my face

  • Your order is automatically switched to identification by mail carrier after seven days if you haven’t submitted proof of identity online by then. This means you will have to be personally present when the package is delivered, so you can confirm your identity. We charge CHF 40.– for identification by mail carrier.