Other/Old devices

If your device did not match any of the descriptions and pictures before, it is probably an old device. Check if you have received any letters from us regarding your device, if not you can dispose it.

How do I dispose my old device?

Disposing old devices is very easy and uncomplicated. As with other electronic devices, you can dispose them at any electronic store in your area, as they are required by law to take in old electronic devices and send them to recycling. This will not cost you anything and will make sure that your device is disposed and recycled properly. Find out more about recycling old electronic devices.

1. Find an electronic store near you

Any store that sells electronic devices is required to take your old devices and send them to recycling. Just take it with you and hand it over to them. If you are unsure what store is located closest to your home, you can find it here.

2. Bring it to the store (no fees will arise)

Just take the device with you and drop it of at your electronics store of choice. No need to package and send it and no fees!

Other questions?

We value our world and are trying to do our part to reduce waste. Modern devices we will check, repair if necessary and give them to the next customer.

If you have an old mobile phone you no longer need, you can either dispose it at any electronics store near you or resell it. We do not resell old mobiles.